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Aqua Drill, Inc. has more than 77 years experience in the well water industry. We are your local experts in drilling, repairing and decommissioning wells. Aqua Drill, Inc. also offers water pump and water treatment services. Click the following links for more information on: water well drilling, water pump systems, water treatment systems, well repair, well abandonment, and water system inspections.

Water Well Drilling
We offer service on six-inch residential wells and six- and eight-inch commercial wells. Our state-certified, well-educated drillers utilize modern air-rotary rigs, which results in fast, reliable service.

We begin drilling through the soil with a 13 inch bit for the first 30 feet. We then switch to an 8 3/4 inch bit until bedrock is reached, usually between 50 and 100 feet. We continue drilling into the bedrock approximately 10 feet. At that point the 8 3/4 inch bit is pulled from the well, and a 6 inch diameter pipe called “casing” is placed in the drilled hole. Then a 6 inch bit is lowered through the casing to the bedrock, at which point we drill into the bedrock to obtain the water that is slowly flowing in the cracks in the strata. Various amounts of water flow in these cracks. Some fractures produce water flowing at a rate of one gallon per minute, while others produce water flowing at a rate of 100 gallons per minute. We stop drilling when we have achieved an adequate amount of water to supply your well.

Once we finish drilling, highly pressurized air is blown down the well to flush it clean of the drill cuttings/stone dust. The bit is pulled out of the well and grout is pumped down the outside of the well casing to fill in the gap between the casing and the original larger hole that was drilled. Proper grouting is critical in preventing surface water and contaminants from entering your well.

Please take a moment to visit our Well FAQ’s page for answers to common questions.

Water Pump Systems

We offer service on six-inch residential wells and six- and eight-inch commercial wells. Our state-certified, well-educated drillers utilize modern air-rotary rigs, which results in fast, reliable service.Aqua Drill, Inc. designs, installs and repairs water well pumping systems. We warehouse all components of a pump system, using only high quality products, in order to maintain reliable and efficient service. We offer conventional pump systems as well as constant pressure systems. Submersible pumps, cold water supply tanks, constant pressure pumps, and constant pressure control boxes are under warranty for five years. Pump system service is free of charge for one year following installation.

Conventional pump systems consist of a submersible pump and pressure tank (typically located in a basement or crawlspace) conjoined by a water line and electrical wire. The pressure tank contains an air bladder inside a steel tank, which allows the pump system to build pressure as the pump pushes water into the tank, compressing the trapped air. A pressure switch detects when proper cut-off pressure has been met, and the pump turns off. When the spigot is opened, the compressed air pushes water out of the tank and will continue to do this until the cut-on pressure is met and the pump turns back on. There are many determining factors when sizing a submersible pump system, including well depth, yield of water supply, pumping water level, standing water level and the distance from the well to the pressure tank.

Constant pressure water systems are designed to provide you with a continuous flow of water on demand. Water usage demands fluctuate due to variegated needs, and in some situations (commercial buildings, large households that supply many family members, irrigation systems, etc.), a conventional pump system may not be able to keep up. The variable speed technology used improves the process by eliminating most pressure fluctuations. Controllers monitor the water demand and adjust the speed of the pump as you need it without changes in system pressure. This allows you to use your water simultaneously, such as watering the lawn while running the dishwasher or taking a shower.

Water Treatment Systems
Aqua Drill, Inc. strives to provide the best quality groundwater possible. Some water wells have high concentrations of minerals that must be treated and removed prior to use. If you have water that stains or has a bad odor/taste, we can recommend and provide a solution. Our water treatment experts can design a system to take care of any problems that may arise.

Typical Water Problems:

  • Hardness refers to the quantity of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. When warmed or combined with soap, these minerals react and form residue and deposits that are difficult to clean.
  • Excessive acidity of the water causes corrosion and staining in plumbing and fixtures.
  • Iron causes reddish brown stains on clothing and fixtures.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide results from decay of organic matter and certain types of bacteria. This smells like rotten eggs.
  • Turbidity (suspended particles) in water ranging from large (sand) to small particles.
  • High amounts of mineral salts in the water can cause taste issues, deposits on cookware, and cloudy ice.


Well Repair
Wells may eventually deteriorate and require repair. We inspect the well column with a down-the-hole camera. Rehabilitating a well usually consists of chlorinating and blowing out the well. Typically, after an inspection, we’ll install a four-inch PVC plastic liner pipe with a ribbed rubber packer inside the well column. The liner pipe eliminates the water in the well from touching problem areas in the well walls. These types of major repairs require the approval of the county environmental health inspector.

Well Abandonment (Decommissioning)
Wells that are no longer in use pose several safety hazards (including groundwater contamination) requiring them to be abandoned or decommissioned. Well abandonment projects must be supervised by a state certified well contractor, like the staff at Aqua Drill, Inc. Proper abandonment requirements include obtaining a well abandonment permit from the county health department, a visit from the county health department to inspect and determine the appropriate abandonment procedure, and submission of a well abandonment record to the Division of Water Quality within thirty days of completion.

Drilled wells and bored wells are the two major categories of wells. Drilled wells are usually 2 to 10 inches in diameter, have steel or thermoplastic casing, and are typically drilled into unconsolidated sediments or consolidated bedrock. Bored wells are usually 18 to 36 inches in diameter, have clay or concrete casings, and usually are hand dug or bored with a large diameter power auger into unconsolidated sediments or weathered bedrock. The requirements for well abandonment are different for these two well types. Aqua Drill, Inc. is fully equipped and licensed to meet the necessary requirements of any type of well abandonment.

Water System Inspections
This service is commonly requested for real estate closings. When buying a home, it is best to find out as much as you can about all aspects of the home. Often the water system is overlooked.

Our water system inspection services can include the following:

  • Well depth and yield information
  • Pump system information and mechanical evaluation
  • On-site mineral testing of the water
  • Bacteria testing
  • Lead and nitrate testing
  • Well chlorination
Septic and well combination package: We offer a 5 percent discount when you allow us to install the well and septic system.

We are members of the North Carolina Ground Water Association and the North Carolina Septic Tank Association. Aqua Drill, Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured.

We cover: Stokes County, North Carolina and all surrounding areas including greater North Carolina and Virginia.

Residential and Commercial

All Work Warrantied For One Year After Installation